Motion-sensing Light Bulb Fixtures

Motion-sensing Light Bulb Fixtures
This is a very easy and affordable way to have motion-sensing lights in your house which make life easier and would probably impress guests as well ;).

It’s a very simple system to use as the motion sensor attaches directly to the light bulb. To set it up all you have to do is screw the motion-sensor into the light socket, then plug the light bulb into the motion sensor! You then don’t need to control the lights with light switches anymore as the fixture does it for you!

The sensor is very well designed and appears just like a normal fixture. It features a full 360° field-of-view so no matter where you enter the room from you should be automatically greeted by light. It also has a 12′ range so it could cover most sized rooms. The light then stays on for 4 minutes after it detects the last motion.

The system is very versatile as it can support bulbs anywhere from 25W to 100W. It also doesn’t take up much space measuring 3″ by 4″.

This neat fixture is available for just $29.74 from Smart Home.

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