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Motion Activated Wall Switch Spy Camera

You can’t seem to trust anyone these days, which could very well be the reason behind more and more spy gizmos that are hitting the market. Here we have the Motion Activated Wall Switch Spy Camera which is pretty much self explanatory – it will record video whenever it detects movement within range, storing all footage onto a microSD memory card (up to 8GB) for your review later. Not only does it do video, but it also records audio so that you can be sure whatever your partner is discussing with a member of the opposite gender remains strictly business and nothing personal. It is a snap to install, and uses very little juice so you won’t notice a huge rise in your monthly power bill. With a 13 days standby time and 6 hours of recording, it will store all video in the MP4/AVI format at 640 x 480 resolution, snapping 2-megapixel stills as well if the need requires. Too bad the range of 3 meters is a tad short for a larger room, but otherwise it should do OK in a bedroom. The camera hold isn’t too discreet if you ask us though, but that’s what you get for $37 these days.

5 thoughts on “Motion Activated Wall Switch Spy Camera”

  1. Does this device attach to an actual wall outlet or does it fasten anywhere with screws or adhesive? Most of my electrical outlets are low to the floor. No point in recording someones ankles.

  2. Nice “status LED”, too. Not a great solution for snooping if there’s a blinking…or even not-blinking, for that matter, light on the face of the wall plate. At least it’s RIGHT next to the camera hole where, after noticing the light, they’ll definitely there…fail.

  3. Bought it, 1hr battery life if that. Strong do not recommend. Also the switches do not toggle, they are fixed so it’s a very awkward switch on the wall.

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