Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

Who does not like candy at all? I am quite sure that dentists secretly love candy deep down inside, simply because their clientele would be far fewer in number if kids do not have easy and unrestricted access to candy these days. Well, unwrapping sweets and chocolates is something that we do often, but there is always a strange fascination with a candy dispenser as automated movement is always interesting to look at (and figure out, for budding engineers). A hand-dispensing feature might be the old school method of doing so, but it certainly is far less hygienic compared to the $39.99 Motion Activated Candy Dispenser.
Being the perfect device for kitchen counters, reception desks and common break rooms, there is a built-in sensor to ensure no grubby or dirty hands will contaminate the stash inside. Purchase a few and you can opt to dispense a range of candies. Too bad it comes in only one color – black, and there is a spill tray to catch the ones which you miss. Just make sure there are enough AA batteries (a quartet is required to run it) available as backup just in case it runs out of juice.