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MOTI is a little droid that will help you build better habits


It’s funny how much time we will eagerly spend looking up how to lose weight fast or how to get rich quick. After attempting these things a time or two, we realize that the only way to get to where we want to be is through forming better habits. Maybe you take on a new habit every two weeks or two months, setting alarms to do things you know you should do, or maybe you start making list after list that will only get longer as more time passes.

The only way to form better habits is to get to know yourself a bit better. Habit forming is a cycle of trigger, routine, and reward. We know if we see ice cream (trigger) and eat it, a routine we’ve become accustomed to, we will be provided with the reward of a sweet taste in our mouths. MOTI is hoping to help you form better habits, by being both the trigger and the reward. The only hard part for you will be keeping up with the routine.

MOTI is a little robot that you can set to remind you what habit or goal you want to achieve, put it in the location of the habit you want to work on so it will be an audible and visual cue, and when you complete the task, you get to press a big button! Not only that, but MOTI will make a little sound to congratulate you with every finished task. Based on your profile, this little machine will be encouraging, get sad, or angry if you skip out, but you’ll have to know what triggers you to move into action. This is a $99 device that won’t ship until August of next year, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to figure out what habits you want to work on.

Available for purchase on Kickstarter

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