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Mossy Oak and SnowLizard reveals iPhone 7’s SLXtreme 7 case

mossy-oakA totally new iPhone 7 might be something that is on your wish list at the moment, although you cannot but help to wonder whether you would prefer to wait it out for the all new iPhone 8 when that arrives. Having said that, a protective case for your smartphone will certainly be an indispensable accessory — similar to a screen protector to go along with the entire shebang. Mossy Oak and SnowLizard have come up with the all new SLXtreme 7 case for iPhone 7, arriving in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage, having been developed by mobile accessories trailblazer SnowLizard.

This spanking new SLXtreme 7 lays claim to being the only phone case which is on the market today that boasts of water and drop-proof protection, a rugged design, as well as an integrated solar charger and built-in battery extender. Pretty much sounds as though it has the whole works, don’t you think so? After all, those with a passion for the great outdoors would also be familiar with Mossy Oak and SnowLizard, and this time around such a partnership will be able to enrich one’s outdoor experiences thanks to a case which is not only ambitious, but also extreme and serious about getting into the wild as the iPhone 7’s owner.

When you are spending time in the great outdoors, it goes without saying that you ought to make the necessary preparations beforehand. After all, not everyone in the city has the kind of survival nous when it comes to handling life in the jungle. The new SLXtreme 7 in Break-Up Country will offer not only the much required concealment, it also delivers outdoors lifestyle representation. We absolutely love the idea of a solar-power panel that will ensure your iPhone 7 keeps on going no matter what the circumstances are, and the built-in integrated battery will be able to prolong your battery’s capacity by 185%.

Fret not about your physical activities either, with its military-grade ruggedness, you can drop it or dunk it in any terrain without missing a beat. The asking price for the SLXtreme 7 in Break-Up Country camo will stand at $149.99 a pop.

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