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MOSS Modular Robot Construction Kit helps expand the mind of the young

moss-mod-botNow here is a unique robot that might just kickstart the engineering genius in your little one ! I am referring to the $149.99 MOSS Modular Robot Construction Kit, and if you have always wished you could grow up and be involved in the field of robotics, but somehow or rather never had the chance to do so, perhaps now is the time to pick it up and see whether you have the aptitude for it. If things turn out otherwise, then you will still be able to let your little one have an awesome time coming up with various robotic configurations, now how about that?

With the MOSS Modular Robot Construction Kit, one might actually think that building robots would be as simple as sticking modules together with magnets – and it works that way, at least for the moment. There will be steel spheres which join embedded magnets in modules, so you would not have to worry about your little one swallowing a magnet while playing with the kit. Each purchase comes with plans to build a trio of different robots, making it the perfect starter for the budding roboticist.