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Mosquito Thwarting Hammock lets you relax in comfort

mosquito-hammockAh, summertime will soon be here, and this means being able to take some much needed time off so that you will be able to recharge your batteries and get some much needed R&R. Well, some of us might want to get the adrenaline pumping, while others prefer a far more relaxed lifestyle, and there would be no better place than to hang out in a peaceful setting (by the garden or at the beach under some trees), laying down in your hammock with a good book to read. However, some of the more tropical settings would mean having to contend with mosquitoes – and this is where the $349.95 Mosquito Thwarting Hammock works wonders for your relaxation.

With the Mosquito Thwarting Hammock, you can kiss goodbye to pesky mosquitoes and insects as you sway comfortably. The hammock itself will come covered with a canopy, where there are four sides comprised of super-fine, nylon netting which will keep out mosquitoes and at the same time, allow cooling cross breezes to dance across your face. The roof itself is made from 180-gram polyester that provides shade and prevents light rain from entering your personal oasis. As long as you do not tip the scales at more than 225bs, you’re good to go with this Mosquito Thwarting Hammock.