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The Moso Air Purifying Bag helps you keep your surroundings smelling fresh

Mosso Natural Air Purifier

When dealing with a bad odor, we usually rely on a fragrance or chemicals to clean away the smell. While it may work some of the time, there are some scents that aren’t so easily gotten rid of. Those permeating smells of pets, old food, mold, or stale air can certainly be covered up, but annihilating the smells at the source is the better route to go.

While applications of apple cider vinegar will take care of just about anything over time, there are other natural methods to choose from that won’t leave your house smelling like a vinegar bomb went off. If you’ve heard of bamboo charcoal then you know that the hippie types are all about it. The Moso Air Purifying Bag is filled with Moso Bamboo Charcoal, and the reason this stuff is so cool is because it does the job better than Febreeze, and only needs recharging from the sun.

You won’t get to smell clean linen or lavender after use and it’s not instantaneous, but after a week of leaving it be, the smells, chemicals, and other gross stuff hanging about will be absorbed. Thanks to the built-in metal ring, you can even hang it up in the closet. This whole process happens because the charcoal is super porous, taking in all the moisture and ick, and after placing it in the sun for an hour to bake, all the nastiness will get cooked out so you can start fresh again. This is useful for up to two years, and when it’s ready to go you can dump the contents into your garden as fertilizer. This will cost you $10.95 for a 200 gram bag, and you’ll have color options of charcoal, green, or natural.

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