More competition for the infamous iPhone


The problem with announcing a revolutionary new product months before you can actually get it out onto the marketplace is that you have shown your hand to the competition. If it is so fantastic that it is bound to set the world on fire, then it is inevitable that the competition will attempt to either copy or at the very least imitate your brand new concept; this appears to be the case for Apple and the iPhone.

Anyone interested in technical news would not have failed to have missed the launch or rather the announcement of the iPhone by Steve Jobs, yet here we all are still waiting around with baited breath. While there are other devices coming to marketplace that unsurprisingly look very similar to the iPhone that Steve Jobs sp proudly held up in his hand, devices like the PI from Deeda part of the Brevisys Technology group.

The PI, Kiku and Menx are three multimedia devices that look very similar in design to the iPhone with the graphic interface style screen which use proximity touch to activate the desired function, all three devices are out of the same mould with the Kiku having a full 3” screen while the Menx and PI have a 3.6” screen.

Features of the PI, Kiku and Menx:

  • 30GB or 60GB hard drive
  • Ultra wideband (UWB) for nearby peripherals.
  • VGA front camera for video chat.
  • 2-megapixel camera.
  • Battery life is rated at 5 hours for active talking and 4 hours for Internet browsing.
  • Option of 4GB or 8GB of flash.
  • Linux-based OS.
  • Mozilla’s Firefox 2 browser.
  • Media jukebox interface.

As more and more of these devices are introduced, as they surely will be, will the iPhone be able to cope with the competition? Price and availability of the PI, Menx and Kiku are yet to be announced.

Product Page [Deeda]

Source [Electronista]

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