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mophie reveals the Powerstation AC

mophie-powerstation-acThe modern day road warrior has a slew of mobile devices that he or she carries around at any one time, either out of the necessity of work, or simply because these are nice to have as they supposedly make life a whole lot more convenient. The smartphone is definitely a staple tool of just about everyone, whether they are living across a sprawling metropolis or tucked away in a quiet town somewhere, while the laptop is also another convenient device that helps in one’s productivity greatly. However, keeping them powered up when the battery level begins to dip can be tricking, especially when one is traveling. mophie has long had a track record of rolling out charging devices that will help keep evem the most digitally engaged road warrior’s devices powered up regardless of where they are. This time around, it would be the mophie Powerstation AC that takes center stage, being a high-capacity external battery with AC power and USB-C PD fast charging for laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

The mophie Powerstation AC’s USB-C port boasts of 30W USB-PD charging technology, and when it works in tandem with a 22,000 mAh battery, you can be sure that this Powerstation AC will be able to deliver additional battery life for majority of the USB-C devices out there, laptops included, and mophie claims that this nifty peripheral is capable of offering up to another 15 hours of battery life for the Apple MacBook. Now how about that for convenience?

In fact, the 100W AC output will enable one to conveniently juice up the likes of laptops, camera batteries, and other kinds of devices that would normally be plugged into a wall outlet. There is also Priority+ Charging that offers pass-through power to devices which are hooked up to the USB-A port first, before the powerstation AC battery begins to recharge. Covered in a premium fabric wrap, the Powerstation AC is comfortable to hold and offers protection against scratches when stashing the battery away during the charging process. Expect to fork out $199.95 for the mophie Powerstation AC if you’re interested in picking one up.

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