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Mop Slippers


Are you real tired of cleaning the floor after each and every person in your family walks across the floor with muddy feet? Well, then you should get every one a pair of mop slippers. Just put a pair for every member of your family by the front and back door and then have them remove their shoes and place on the mop slippers. This will stop the mud and dirt from messing up your clean floor and wherever they walk, they will be dry mopping as well.

Why should it be that mom is the only one that must mop and clean the floor up after everyone else? It doesn’t have to be that way any more. Just have a bunch of mop slippers around. Then all you will have to do is the laundry.

Kids will really love helping mom mop the floor, just add a bit of your favorite cleaning detergent to water, pour it in front of the little ones, and let them go. All the floors will be mopped in no time, including the bathrooms.

If you know any college students, bachelors or bachelorettes that absolutely hate mopping their floors buy them a pair for a gift. They will learn that cleaning can be fun and make enjoy cleaning the rest of their apartment or dorm room. However, don’t be surprised on your next visit, if the only thing clean is the floor.

If you have a large house with a very spacious entry, a large auditorium, or even a concert hall that you wish to have mopped and ready for an upcoming event, purchase some mop slippers and have a mopping party. Have some chips, dips, and some punch on hand with a radio or other music and your friends will love this type of fun and unique party. You can have them mop and then wax with two different pairs of mop slippers. None the wiser that you had them clean the area instead of paying professionals.

You can find these unique slippers at Funatics Toys for around $10 and have a clean mopped floor without the hassles and back breaking drudgery.

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  1. I want to know where I can buy them in the Netherlands. I prefer a shop or by phone because of the targetgroup of people with RSI complaints.

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