Mooon Concept Phone

Mooon Concept Phone

Mobile phone manufacturers just love to pack their newest models of smartphones with all sorts of cool features. This concept Mooon (not a spelling error) smartphone has at least one unique feature that could easily become a new standard.

As you can see by the illustration to the left, the Mooon has a Bluetooth headset that can be detached from the phone’s body and then attached to your ear. This means the user can use a Bluetooth earpiece and not have to purchase one separately. I am assuming that the earpiece is calibrated to the Mooon phone straight from the box, so the user won’t have to go through the whole calibration rigmarole.

Oh, did I mention that the front of the phone is a touchscreen? Then again, it’s not like we haven’t seen that before, like on the iPhone and its many imitators.

Yeah, the detachable Bluetooth headset is the big selling point. Assuming this concept phone becomes reality, you can seriously brag that you have the first phone with “a detachable”. Hey, I’m already coming up with slang for it.

So if you’re one of the first with the Mooon, you can act prouder than those celebrities who first got the iPhone. In fact, you can Mooon those guys. Oh man, what a terrible joke. I’d better go before it gets worse.


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