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Moon Spinning Globe brings romanticism to your room

moon-globeHaving a globe is cool – no doubt about it. The thing is, there are many different globes that are available for purchase, so which one would you choose? Why not settle for something that is out of this world? Enter the $144.99 Moon Spinning Globe, which would be similar in nature to the Mars Spinning Globe that we looked at before. The Moon Spinning Globe would do its bit to deliver some romanticism to your room, or wherever you decide to place it, of course.

This will be a 4.5” diameter moon which will be rotation powered by low-light solar cells, and you can be sure that it is mesmerizing to watch, no two ways about it. This is a way cool celestial body to have spinning, and thanks to the solar cells that keep it perpetually moving, you do not have to worry about replacing the batteries within from time to time – not to mention it lets you do your bit for the environment since there will be less toxic waste to worry about. The clear acrylic outer shell is certainly inviting the Death Star to release a shot at it…