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MOON AUDIO Levitating Shelf

zero_gravityHow many people have ever wanted a shelf that can hover? Hey, who wouldn’t? Well, you’ll be happy to know that there is a shelf like that out there.

This is the MOON AUDIO hovering shelf, and it uses the power of magnetic technology to keep the shelf aloft. You know the laws of attraction that keep two like charges repelling? Well, MOON AUDIO has harnessed it so the magnetic field keeps levitating the shelf without affecting what’s on it.

Apparently, this shelf was designed to hold stereo equipment. Now, it certainly doesn’t sound like a valid use of hovering technology, because I would have used it to make, I don’t know, flying vehicles or something. But if you are really into your stereo, then you know how much vibrations can affect your audio performance. With your stereo hovering in air, then it will no longer vibrate against the entertainment center or whatever you have it resting on.

Now, I don’t know how much this hovering shelf can lift, and I also don’t know how stable it is. I mean, can I push on it, and will the stereo fall off?

Of course, this kind of technology will cost you. How much, do you ask? Let’s talk about $500. For that price, I think I have a good point about better applications of hovering technology.


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