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The UFO Power Center – It’s Time to Unplug "the Clapper"

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I’m sure most of you remember “the Clapper” and in its day, the ability to turn a light on or off from across the room probably seemed pretty neat… but that was a long time ago, and it seems to me with all of our WiFi devices, we should be monitoring and controlling all kinds of stuff from wherever we want to, and now it’s easy.
 Check out the UFO Power Center, a Wi-Fi enabled, four-socket, smart electrical outlet that can not only monitor the energy consumption of whatever you have plugged into it, each outlet can be remotely controlled on an individual basis by using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over the Internet and through Visible Energy’s own cloud-based energy management platform.
The UFO Power Center connects to the Wi-Fi home network and provides real-time power monitoring, as well as on/off switching and timer control. An LED light on the top of the UFO changes color from green to yellow to red, depending on the total power being used, this enables you to actually “see” how your conservation efforts are saving you money by helping you recognize energy waste.
Imagine the possibilities… on vacation? Set the timer to turn some lights on and off. Automate your Christmas tree, or stop all your standby gadgets from sucking down the power for no reason, compare the savings of your conservation plan by testing different scenarios or just learn more about the energy usage of a particular appliance.
The UFO PowerCenter is available now, for 129 bucks at