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The Monoshot helps you take professional-grade photos on your phone


With the rise of the selfie stick, we know that people are wanting better ways to take photos. The framing of your picture is decided by the length and steadiness of your arm, which isn’t always the greatest. Not only that, but getting exactly the shot you want if you’re aiming to shoot video or snap a decent shot with specific lighting isn’t easily accomplished with your arm alone.

If you wish you had a tripod for your phone like you would have for a DSLR camera, then you’re going to need a rather specific piece of equipment. There are a million and one ways to do this, but how many of them use mechanisms you’re already familiar with, are sturdy, and small enough to be tossed in your bag for filming on the go? The Monoshot appears to have all the professional aspects that you would find with a tripod for a DSLR, but comes in a very compact package.

The MonoShot uses a barrel style locking mechanism, is made of aluminum, has tripod feet, and can fold down to 16 inches long. It was made by a golf enthusiast who wanted to improve his form by watching footage of himself, but all of the equipment to make it possible was too expensive or shoddy, so he made his own instead and decided to share it with the world. This is only going to cost you around $49, or you can splurge on a complete set with a GoPro mount which will cost you $55. This would be great for improving your form with working out or sports, taking videos for the Internet, or snapping family photos on your phone.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter