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Monkeylectric Monkey Light adds some zest to your two-wheeler

monkey-light-bicycle-lightsHaving a bicycle used to be plenty of fun when you were a kid, and it did not matter whether the bicycle was the latest model in the market – as long as it will be able to help you get around without requiring your parents to ferry you from door-to-door. With the Monkeylectric Monkey Light, it would be pretty simple – all that you need to do is to strap it to your bike’s wheel, and you end up with an extremely delightful light show.

Depending on the model that you have decided upon, the price will vary from $25.99 to $55.99. As for the available options, they are the M204 – Basic, M210 – Intermediate, and M232 – Advanced, and just make sure that you order a pair in order to bling out both wheels. It would also go some way to ensure that you get a whole lot more cycling and exercise done in the evenings or at night, since that is when the Monkeylectric Monkey Light will really show its true colors. Regardless of the model that you pick, they all feature a hub-mounted battery pack, offer 360° visibility, and solid rubber construction.