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Mommy I'm Here Kid Tracking Device

You know that damning feeling in the pit of your stomach as you realize your toddler is no longer with you, and also out of sight. Panic sets in, and you run around like a headless chicken while saying a silent prayer that your little one has not been kidnapped. That wouldn’t have happened if you had the Mommy I’m Here Kid Tracking Device – all you need to do is clip the bear receiver to your child’s belt or shoe, press the button on your keychain and hear the bear beep. Of course, should your child actually roam more than 25 feet away from you, said keychain will also alert you so that you can stop browsing through tonight’s dinner at the moment while getting back to the task at hand – being a responsible parent. This audible child locator is capable of emitting sounds of up to 90 decibels, so don’t worry about not being able to hear it just like how some modern phones are so soft despite having their volume levels cranked up to the maximum. ]]>