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MoMA presents a minimalist Chess set

This is the Modern Chess Set, and, as you can see in this illustration, this Chess set is able to fit very compactly in this tiny box.

You will notice the pawns are these little cubes that fit together well. The rooks are a little larger and do the same thing. The bishops and knights have some sort of symmetry, to create a rectangular solid, I like how the king and queen dovetail together, as it is rather poetic, in a Freudian way.

I am assuming that the chess board is not there, but it looks like it would fold up and fit inside this box. In fact, I just checked my Source, and there is no board included. I’m sure you have probably seen this on the photo, but the pieces are made of maple or cherry wood. Remember that white goes first.

You should be able to get it at the MoMA store for about $65. I suppose that is a big price to pay for a chess set. Not only that, it doesn’t look these pieces are made of valuable metals or stones.

Yeah, this pure wooden minimalism. I suppose that if you were cross Jenga with chess, this is what you would get.


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1 thought on “MoMA presents a minimalist Chess set”

  1. These are what is classified as a “stugeni” a cross between stupidity and genius. One of those gadgets that catch your attention but you can’t really find a use for ever or care to buy because it’s a complete waste of money unless you need an interesting paper weight.

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