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The Moleskine Smart Writing Set brings written text to the digital world

Moleskin Smart Writing Set

Some habits don’t die easily, and for me, writing notes on paper is one of them. I love typing out long-winded text posts as much as the next person, but when I’m just jotting down thoughts or ideas, I want to be looking at my own handwriting. The only problem is that when I want to move those thoughts and ideas to the digital world, I have to type everything out and try and convey my doodles as best I can through text.

If you’re a professional creative type who needs to be able to write and doodle to your hearts content, but also needs to put that content online or share it with coworkers, you’ll want to streamline transferring that information as much as possible. The Molskine Smart Writing Set is aiming to bridge the gap here as it comes with a paper tablet (better described as a notebook), a Pen+, and the companion app which you can use on whatever device you’d like. Once it’s synced up, you’ll be able to capture every pen stroke on the page to your screen with no down time waiting for it to load. That’s right, real time transfer!

The dotted layout in the paper tablet works with Pen+ so that it can recognize what is supposed to go where on the page. The annoying bit is that you must be certain you’re synced up, or all of your ideas will be in ink only and you’ll have to copy them over again, so you’d have to not be the forgetful sort. This is a $199.99 set that comes with the paper tablet, Pen+, a USB cable for recharging the smartpen, and a pen tip ink refill. Replacement paper tablets will cost you $29.95, because you’ll always need more when your ideas are filling up pages at a time.

Available for purchase on moleskine