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The Mogics Power Donut is a portable power strip for jet-setters

Power Donut use

When you’re hardly ever home, the challenge for keeping your gear charged is unending. Normally you’ll buy a power bank and hope it lasts you long enough, but some days are just too hectic, and you end up disconnected from the world. Obviously that’s just not acceptable, so your backup plan A and B need backup plans of their own.

While having a power bank in your suitcase, backpack, and jacket will hopefully last you, you’ll eventually need a place to plug everything in to juice it all back up. Since traveling often means hotel rooms which may not have enough outlets, the Power Donut is a must-have. It may not look like it, but this round, bagel-looking device is actually a power strip! Not just any power strip mind you, but one that is completely self contained, and is small enough to go in your carry on without weighing you down or taking up too much space.

There are 3 feet of flat cable wrapped around the outside, with a universal two-prong plug at the end. Just in case you’re in need of a US>EU/UK/AU adapter, you’ll be pleased to know that one is nestled in the center. There are five universal outlets, two fast-charging USB ports, and this happy little package comes to you for $49, which is a decent price considering how much we’d pay the electronic gods if our phone dies in the middle of a business meeting.

Available for purchase on Mogics