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The Model 01 Keyboard is shaped like a butterfly, clicks like a mechanical

Keyboardio Model 01
When you have to sit at your desk and type for more hours of the day than you care to admit, it’s pretty hard on your body. While physical exercise can be rough on you if you’re doing motions incorrectly, the same goes for sitting at a computer and typing all day long. If you’re tired of having an aching back, sore wrists, and tingling fingers, then it’s about time to upgrade your setup.

While having an awesome computer chair helps tremendously, a keyboard that isn’t a strain on your hands and wrists is equally important. There are a lot of ergonomic options out there, but they’re all expensive, which means you need to take special care finding one that will fit your situation the best. Keyboardio thinks they have the makings of greatness with their Model 01 mechanical keyboard. Its gentle sloping shape shouldn’t fool you, as it is designed to help you type with lightning speed without compromising your body over time. The key caps have been individually sculpted to help you know where your phalanges should be headed next. Instead of forcing your pinky to do all the heavy-lifting, there are more buttons laid out for your thumb, and one for your palm that will act as your function button, giving you access to a wholly different layout which includes a mouse!

Made out of two hunks of solid maple which can sit flat against your desk, tented, on a tripod, or split, this will be able to conform to whatever setup you might need to deal with. This comes with a key puller, and different caps will be available in time. The LEDs behind the keys are each fully programmable to do animations, shifts, fades, or be off if you please. The keys are mechanical, but as they used the Matias Quiet Click switches, you’ll get that pleasant tactile feel without being so loud as to have all of your coworkers staring you down. This is going to cost you $299 and will take some getting used to, but should help in the long run with your overall comfort.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter