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Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball lets you mop and roll!

mocoroVacuum cleaners sure are handy devices to have around – since they do a pretty darn good job of sucking up all of the nasty dust that you see around, in addition to the dust bunnies that you do not see. Having said that, mopping up the area after you are done with the vacuuming sure goes a long way in ensuring that your humble abode is as clean as possible. Any boring old mop will not do for a future-minded person like you though, as the £24.99 Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball will surely make things a whole lot more fun where house chores are concerned.

The Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball is a fluffy robotic duster with a mind of it’s own, where similar to those robotic vacuums that have caught on lately, it will be given a free license to roam freely around the house to clean your floors. It comes shrouded in pink microfibre fur to attract dust and dirt, and happens to be a fun “prey” for your cat, too. It is smart enough to change direction whenever it hits an obstacle, and fret not about the durability of this bad boy – its pink microfiber coat can be brushed clean and is easily removed to be hand or machine washed. Powered by a trio of AA batteries, you might want to get rechargeable batteries in the long run to keep this bad boy going. It works great on wooden and vinyl floors, but does not fare too well on carpets.