MobiWire has new S:PHONE that offers unprecedented data security

MobiWire has recently announced a new range of secure business phones which come with embedded security for voice, SMS, data and on-device encryption. We are pretty sure that this would have business associates high up sit and take notice – after all, the secure voice phone and secure data smartphones would be among the first of their kind in the world, delivering fully integrated protection against stolen terminals, eavesdropping of voice and SMS, and data theft through attacks via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.
Powered by the Android operating system, this secure phone solution was co-developed with secure communications specialists ERCOM following a strategic partnership that was announced last December.

Needless to say, these devices will cater mainly for corporations and government organisations, where they form part of a full security solution which delivers secure data access to corporate servers, where among them include email, intranet and file servers. There is also a “Trusted Market” on-device app store that takes over the public Android Market store, offering a secure and private market of trusted applications that have been certified and approved by an enterprises corporate IT team.
Also known as the S:PHONE devices, they are based on the Cryptosmart embedded security engine from ERCOM while playing nice with MobiWire’s patented User Interface software, Core UX. Its internal security is so tough, it cannot be removed from the device or tampered with. You can sleep easy knowing its high grade encryption of local data and signature algorithms will keep all your precious data within safe and sound.
The Cryptosmart encryption engine comes in the form of a Cryptosmart microSD memory card, a Cryptosmart CardManager for PC, and a Cryptosmart Gateway that is hosted behind the corporate firewall. Said gateway will deliver a secure interface with the corporate PBX system, intranet and mail servers and the private Trusted Market store of applications owned and trusted by the IT department. Don’t expect this puppy to look as sleek as the iPhone 4 though if you prefer style over substance…
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