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MobileMan wearable Bluetooth speaker system is something else

mobileman-s1When we talk about wearable technology, most of the time, we would think about the likes of a smartwatch, or perhaps one of those heart rate monitors in which fitness buffs love to use in order to keep track of their movement. Well, how about a wearable Bluetooth speaker? This is truly something else entirely, as the MobileMan S1 that will arrive in red and black shades would like to break new ground in the portable audio market with what is deemed to be the latest wearable audio Bluetooth speaker.

Sporting a breakthrough innovative design in which you can see above, the MobileMan S1 series is capable of supporting the entire range of motion. In other words, those who tend to live an active and healthy lifestyle will be able to enjoy the musical ditties and tunes of their choice, all the while maintaining complete awareness of their surroundings. You will definitely be a whole lot safer enjoying your evening jogs while you have the MobileMan S1 Bluetooth speaker, that is for sure!

There are two different kinds of models under the MobileMan S1 series from which one can choose from — and they are the MobileMan S1 Premium and MobileMan S1 Sport. Regardless of which model that you decide on, you will find that they share unique features such as weather resistant speakers, Bluetooth connectivity of up of 30 feet, a battery life that should be able to touch 10 hours, depending on usage, reflective accents that make it useful when you prefer to work out at night on the streets, all packed into a lightweight package that does not tip the scales at more than 7 ounces.

All units will sport adjustable straps that provide a secure and comfortable fit, where a flexible utility pocket lets you stash away small items such as keys, and the integrated microphone enables one to answer calls seamlessly via the device. Any takers?

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