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The Mobile Technology Carry On is for gadget junkies

Mobile Technology Carry On

When you travel, you would think that having your clothes with you would be the top priority. Of course, when you live on your phone and laptop, your gadgets are always going to be more important. If you are constantly hopping planes, trains, and automobiles, then you’ll want a bag that will let you easily access and remove your gadgets and gizmos for everything from traipsing through security to getting work done in the back of a cab while going from point A to B.

If your tech is your primary concern, then this Mobile Technology Carry On is going to be your new favorite bag. This is a rolling hard-shelled carry on bag that will hold a week’s worth of clothes if you pack lightly, but the main draw is that this is built for a 15 1/2” laptop, tablet, and plenty of pockets for chargers, a camera (we’re not talking DSLRs here), headphones, and just about anything else you might need during your trip.

The shell is made of 2.6mm thick polycarbonate that should keep any damage from shocks or bumps away from your gear. All of its four wheel are able to rotate 360 degrees, so you won’t have to worry about changing direction too quickly and having it fall over. This isn’t a cheap option at $149.95, but it is very specifically targeted at techie travelers who tend to make more money than most.

Available for purchase on Hammacher