Mixko Whippy Light makes me hungry

I usually dislike how fluorescent lights look in lighting fixtures, however, this little pendant is one exception.  The witty little light makes the bulb look as if it is part of an ice  cream cone, which in the hot summer weather sounds really good.  Then again, having a light hanging around reminding you of something cold on a hot day when you’re all out of icecream just seems cruel and unusual.  You could torture your kids and hang this in their room.  Of course in turn you would get pestered constantly for icecream.

It appears that the pendant light was available at one time on Mixko, but is now only displayed as a piece of art.  However, it is possible that if you email they still might be able to hook you up with one.  When they were available they weren’t exactly cheap though, it looks like they were priced right around $75 for one light.  That’s not a set of pendants, no just the one all by its self.  The Mixko products are based in the UK so although they will work with the US, it costs a bit extra for those of us in the US.

Source: treehugger