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The Mixing Mate Paint Lid helps the artistic process


If you really enjoy painting on a large scale or run a business painting rooms, then you know the fun of keeping your paint properly moist and mixed. Some paint colors and finishes really don’t like to stay together, and if you don’t keep up with stirring you’ll have some discoloration you weren’t planning on. Rather than having to repaint an entire area, you could either invest in some paint stirring sticks, or a reusable method that you can wash and use until it breaks.

The Mixing Mate Paint Lid is for one-gallon cans of paint, varnish, or stain, and will definitely make your life easier. You only need to open your can and twist this into place on top, where it will stay tight and secure without the need for other tools to come into play. The hand-crank at the top is how you will mix your paint, and a spring-loaded spout will help you pour the contents effortlessly, and without all the dripping when you try to stop. This spout also seals up tightly when it’s closed, so you won’t have to worry about the liquid inside drying out unnecessarily.

They’re quite confident with the seal this thing makes on your paint can, as it also has a handle┬áto pick up and pour it easily as well. Paying out $24.99 is a high-price to pay for a one-time purchase, but for regular DIY-ers or those who paint professionally, this could be quite useful. Of course, you’re likely going to want more than one if it works well.

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