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Mixfit personalized nutritional supplement delivery appliance

Who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit all the time? We all know that there is no running away from the twin responsibilities of healthy eating and a good amount of exercise in order to be fighting fit. While getting off your bum to sweat it out might be intimidating to some, making the right choices for your meals would be far easier, and Mixfit is here to help with the introduction of the first personalized nutritional supplement delivery appliance.

 Specially designed to adapt to consumers’ daily food intake and activity levels, the kitchen countertop device will be powered by Mixfit’s proprietary technology, known as MINA (Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant). MINA is able to analyze a consumer’s health data daily (diet, exercise, lifestyle) so that it can work out and dispense a nutritious and delicious drink which will support their wellness goals and meets their needs, doing so in real time.

Mixfit has worked with nutritionists and data scientists, engineers and designers in order to make the MINA system happen. Remaining loyal to the one-size fits-all approach might be folly in the long run, as there is a need for a high degree of personalization when it comes to gulping down nutrition drinks. Mixfit has merged smart technology with nutrition science in order to provide consumers with a one-on-one approach to addressing nutritional gaps, enhancing their performance, and establishing healthy habits based on real-time data. There are three key parts to the Mixfit product, and they are the Mixfit Vue, the MINA and mobile app, as well as quality ingredients and personalized subscription.

The Mixfit Vue happens to be the smart countertop device which will mix and serve daily, nutritious drinks, while the MINA and mobile app will analyze the diet, activity levels and wellness goals of an individual which has been shared prior via the Mixfit mobile app so that it can determine the nutrients they will require on a daily basis. Last but not least, Mixfit ingredients will be sourced in partnership via DSM, a global leader in nutritional products & solutions and Givaudan, international experts on product flavors and scents, where this subscription-based model will fulfils supplement formulation orders on a monthly basis.

Expect the Mixfit Vue to retail for $399 when it becomes available, with monthly subscription for personalized insights and core ingredients going for $59 monthly.

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