Miveu camera mount for the iPhone4/4S

Every time I go to CES, I always try to find trends in technology. For example, it appeared that every major electronics company had an ultrabook, and most of the newer cameras have a design that I call “ready for action”.
These are like the cameras that GoPro puts out, designed to attach to your ski helmet or other type of helmet so you can show off your extreme lifestyle from your own POV. Liquid Image, for example, unveiled the EGO camera that does such a purpose.
The Miveau isn’t a camera, but it is mounting for the iPhone 4 and 4S camera. It straps to the user’s chest, and he or she puts on the lens, which can extend the iPhone viewing angle to record from a sweet perspective. You can watch an actual Miveu video after the jump, and I will tell you that it is pretty amazing. The way the biker goes through the trees reminds me of the space bike chase scene from Return of the Jedi.
You should be able to purchase the Miveu X here for about $79.95, and it also comes with a shutter click button for still shots. You can given push the button with gloves on. If that price is too expensive for you, then you might conisder the Miveu Z, for mounting on a ski pole or roll bar. It is also a camera mount for the iPhone, and it only costs $19.99.