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The Mitten Apron helps make sure you don’t end up with a hot mess in the kitchen

Mitten Apron

When you’re preparing a meal, there are tons of things to keep track of. The initial preparation of washing and cutting things is easy enough, but once you start having to deal with cooking times, it can get stressful pretty quickly. This is especially the case if you don’t cook every evening, or have a habit of misplacing your kitchen tools.

One of the most important things to have ready are oven mitts. The reason being that when food is done, or you realize it was done 5 minutes ago, the race to remove it from the heat source begins. If you can’t quickly find two oven mitts to stabilize whatever you’re removing from the oven and end up only using one, there’s a good chance you’ll spill dinner onto the floor. What if instead of having your mitts stuffed in a drawer or cabinet, they were on you at all times?

This Mitten Apron has two oven mitts on the bottom of the apron so you’ll never be in search of protection from heated food. This also has plastic buttons to attach a hand towel so you can dry your hands from the countless amount of times you’ll be rinsing or washing them off during the cooking process. This is going to cost you around $35, which isn’t too bad for a two-for-one deal that will keep your clothes clean and hands safe from harm.

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