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Mitte smart healthy water system

mitteThere are many different kinds of water purification systems out there in the market, with some of them even having special plates that will increase the alkaline count of the water, claiming to be able to play a role in alleviating certain illnesses and sickness. Mitte would like to jump aboard the water purification bandwagon, but offer a twist to the situation instead by being a smart healthy water system. In other words, it will make use of the distillation process to purify your water, but also offer customized mineral enhancements that ensures each cup of water you drink is healthy.

 Tap water tends to carry its fair share of impurities and is not the best barometer for life giving water, while traditional water purification systems simply purify but do not enhance. Mitte will offer the best of everything, resulting in a mineralized and contaminant-free water wherever it is installed. Gaining inspiration from nature, Mitte will feature mineral cartridges that replicate the naturally occurring process whenever pure water flows through rocks at the source, picking up minerals as it flows. With Mitte, users have the option to personalize their daily drinking water via 3 different mineral cartridges that will carry varying levels of natural minerals and ingredients.

Right now available as a Kickstarter project, it can be yours for as low as a pledge of $234. This is definitely a new solution that will help to go up against a long term global issue: access to pure, healthy drinking water. The trio of mineral cartridges offered include Alkaline with a high pH level, a Balance cartridge that will add basic minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium so that a softer water with a neutral taste is created to deliver better tasting coffee or tea, while the Vitality cartridge offers a higher concentration of such basic minerals in addition to a dose of trace minerals like manganese, iron, selenium and zinc, targeting those who live an active lifestyle and would like to survive on a healthy diet. Each cartridge is able to produce 400 liters of pure and re-mineralized water.

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