MIT student develops self-balancing unicycle with the Bullet

You remember all that hype that came with the Segway about a decade ago? I believe that it was supposed to revolutionize pedestrian travel in the big city, but the city streets are still full of walkers with only the occasional Segway.
An MIT student named Stephan Boyer created this homemade self-balancing unicycle which he calls the “Bullet”. Yes, if you have problems balancing on a unicycle, the Bullet could be your solution.
Of course, the Bullet cannot steer, at least at this present time. It does go backwards and forwards, though. You can watch a video of this after the jump if you want to see it in motion, just a little warning though, there is no sound.
So, I guess if you want to take some shortcuts on that clown school, the Bullet isn’t quite ready for your unicycle act as yet.
I’m starting to realize that I went to the wrong school. If MIT students have the spare time to create self-balancing unicycles in their spare time, then I should have gone there. Do other students walk around with other experimental tech? By the way, I like the paintings on the doors on what looks like a dorm room here.