Mistletoe Drone guarantees you a kiss almost every single time

mistletoe-droneWhat is it about mistletoes and the tradition of kissing someone while the two of you happen to be under one of these? The Yuletide season is full of mistletoes, and if you are going to attend any party, you might want to keep a lookout for this just in case someone you really like walks by, and you can pull him by his collar, or pull her by her blouse, over to your side, cue your favorite romantic tune, and then close your eyes as your lips are locked with one another in passionate action. That’s how it works theoretically, of course, and the real world “performance” might see varying mileage, of course. Why not force the hand of fate with the $69.95 Mistletoe Drone instead?

The Mistletoe Drone is as it is named – this is a hovering mistletoe thanks to a pair of counter-rotating rotors which is capable of delivering in-air stability. Featuring indoor line-of-sight operation, the infrared remote will offer digital proportional throttle and directional control, which would then pave the way for precise placement of the mistletoe for optimal effect. There are up to 20 independently controlled mistletoes which can be flown without radio interference in order to bring about added cheer to Christmas parties, and the rechargeable battery delivers up to five minutes of amorous flying, where it will take 30 minutes to juice it up to the maximum again after that. This might not be the world’s smallest drone, but you might be able to rank it as the most amorous.