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Misa Digital’s Kitara is a guitar with a touchscreen for strings

I think we all know that RockBand and Guitar Hero has changed the way that we look at guitars. Considering that these guitar games are played with strumming bars and push-button frets, it certainly paved the way for Kitara.

Kitara from Misa Digital also has a very non-traditional way of making a guitar. As you can see from the video after the jump, they have abandoned the strings for a touchscreen.

The video also shows that the Kitara can do some very interesting things, and can make some very interesting sounds. In fact, there are some noises it makes that sound like a synthesizer, rather than a guitar.

This Kitara has about 28 frets as well. I’m wondering why Misa Digital didn’t just make a giant iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad accessory that could do what the Kitara could do. That way, there would be an App for these interesting things that it could do. It could be a “player guitar”!

I suppose the Kitara is an instrument of the future. I can’t help but wonder if we are looking at an age when all guitars will be like Kitara touchscreen guitars. This would most certainly change the sound of music, wouldn’t it?

The Kitara has a very steep price at about $850.


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