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Misa Digital Guitar has “got no strings”

digital_guitarSome of you might remember the opening of Bryan Adams hit song “Summer of ’69”. It goes: “I got my first real six-string, brought it at the five and dime. Played ’til my fingers bled, it was the summer of ’69”.

If Bryan Adams had meant the summer of 2069, then I doubt his fingers would be bleeding after playing a guitar. Why do I say that? Because I have seen the future of guitars, and it is without strings.

If you don’t believe me, then check out the video after the jump. You will note this guy is shredding on the Linux-powered Misa Digital Guitar, and there are no strings, just a light-up touchscreen.

In addition to the touchscreen, the Misa Digital Guitar has over 24 that are very versatile. By the way, it is possible to interface this guitar with the user’s PC.

Clearly, the Misa Digital Guitar is a product of the Guitar Hero/RockBand generation. It is made for those who are willing to accept the discipline of learning how to play a real instrument, but want to really break out of the box when it comes to what traditional instruments can do.

So, a guitar without strings? What’s next, a piano that doesn’t have keys? I suppose you could do just as good with a wide touchscreen that replaces the traditional 88 keys.

(Just on a side note, Bryan Adams was born in 1959. During the summer of ’69, he would have ten years old. And yet the song “Summer of ’69” seems to imply that he was a teenager during that time.)



10 thoughts on “Misa Digital Guitar has “got no strings””

  1. I would prefer to play a Fender Statocaster any day.All you guys really want to rock out but are too lazy to pick up a guitar and learn to play it.It is a lot more fun than any video game.Just think of it as different levels the better you get.Because that is exactly what it is.Take my advice please.You want to rock don’t you?????????

  2. You do actually need to know how to play a guitar to play this, it’s just a digital interface so guitarists don’t need to learn how to play keyboard to play synth lines, Rob Swire from pendulum uses something similar when he plays live

  3. There are two kinds of instruments: “real” and “synthesized”.

    A real instrument actually produces its own signal/sound through intrinsic electronic, electrical or mechanical phenomena. Examples of real instruments are the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the electric and acoustic piano, acoustic drums, theremins etc. Real instruments require some effort and technique to learn them.

    Synthesized instruments do not make an effort to “naturally” produce signals. Rather they trigger sampled sounds of other instruments stored in their memory. They lack their own voice. They are definitely inferior to real instruments since they sample the sound of other instruments and dont have an “original” voice of their own. Synthesized instruments also require much less skill and technique to play (unless the manufacturer decides to make it tough though!) The digital guitar, the electronic keyboard and the electronic drums are examples of synthesized instruments.

    Some people are of the opinion that synthesized instruments will replace their natural counterparts. This according to me can never happen since NO synthesized instrument can every accurately model the sound nor give the feel of playing a “Real” instrument.

    The classical musician and the rocker(including jazz, blues musicians etc) would prefer to use much more of “real” instruments over their synthesized counterparts in compositions and performances since such genres respect instrumental talent and require some instrumental dominance.

    In hip-hop and modern pop, synthesized instruments may gain a significant foothold because of the very nature of pop being heavily vocal oriented.

  4. This is NOT the future of guitar, that’s for sure. the sound is terrible. I was looking to see if he’d try to bend a note, but apparently it was not available.

    From the demo, it seems like more like a video game/digital toy than a musical instrument. I agree with rock rules about the synth instruments not getting the same respect as a real instrument. I am only just learning to play electric guitar but even I would not touch this. I would rather plough through with the real thing than be seen with this crap. And I LOVE technology and am obsessed with gadgets.

    On a side-note, in the world I live in, I have seen seen 7-year olds who can play good guitar, at 7 Adams would have been old enough to start a band. Plus, there is such a thing as poetic licence. “…the summer of seventy-two…” just doesn’t sound that cool. And we do want to sound cool, like you wanted to with your “side note” and I with mine 😉


  5. “So, a guitar without strings? What’s next, a piano that doesn’t have keys? I suppose you could do just as good with a wide touchscreen that replaces the traditional 88 keys.”

    -This guy has never played a real piano before.

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