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Mirror is a whole new way to exercise at home

mirrorWe all know that we need to move our bodies in an active manner each day in order to maintain an optimal level of health. That would be the nicer way of putting the idea of exercise forth, but when it comes to getting actual exercise done, many of us do find more excuses than reasons. What if you are a shy person and generally prefer the creature comforts of your own home? Sure, you can get one of those Peloton machines, or if you find freedom in running, then hit the treadmill, but those tend to lack a degree of human touch, if at all. Enter Mirror, an actual mirror for you to preen yourself in the mornings, and yet it comes with high-powered technology within.

The Mirror’s panel is a liquid crystal display (LCD) that comes complete with stereo speakers, a camera, and a piece of custom software, all running off an unidentified quad-core processor underneath the hood. Connectivity options include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, enabling you to hook it up to different kinds of monitoring devices as well as stream classes from Mirror.

Mirror’s classes are pretty much what you will find in a well equipped fitness studio or gym: they include cardio, yoga, strength, barre, boxing, stretch, and pilates. Depending on your current fitness level and objective, you will be able to check out different levels with each class. The Mirror connected display will cost you $1,495 upfront, certainly making you wish more than seven years of bad luck on someone who breaks it by accident. You’re better off getting a cheap, regular mirror from Ikea if you do not want to add on $39 monthly for the classes.

The Mirror stands at 52-inches in height, and you have the option to mount it to a wall or have it rest on a metal stand. As at press time, it is controlled via an iOS companion app, with no sign of Android support arriving in the future.

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