Mirror 180 lets you make the most of your small space


If you live in a house with a single bathroom, then you understand the fact that sometimes, you’re not the only one in there getting ready. Hopefully one of you isn’t actually using the bathroom, but we’ve all been there before, so I won’t judge. But when you’re both trying to get your hair or makeup ready, it can be hard for both of you to use a mirror at the same time, especially if it’s not a large one. So what do you do? Get a more creative mirror.

The Mirror 180 gets its name from the fact that each half of the mirror is angled slightly differently. This provides two people standing next to each other the ability to see themselves, despite the mirror not actually being quite that wide. Of course, you don’t have to use it somewhere like the bathroom, it can also just be a decorative piece in your house, if that’s your thing.

The circular mirror has a 20” diameter, and has a simple wood backing that allows you to hang it at one of three different angles. Unfortunately it is definitely priced like a piece of art, at $280. That’s a pretty penny for some wood and two pieces of glass.

Source: CraziestGadgets