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Mirage Smart Display Speaker

For many of us, having a personal speaker system at home is nothing new. Audiophiles are willing to invest tens of thousands to obtain the very best audio quality possible for their everyday listening experience, while the rest of us would most probably settle for a really decent set of earphones to tide us by. What happens when you have a speaker that is connected to Alexa, and also comes with a display to boot? This unique idea is the basis of the Mirage Smart Display Speaker from Cleer Inc.

 Delivering a totally innovative spin in the realm of smart home entertainment, the Mirage Smart Display Speaker boasts of a unique curved display that is accompanied by the ability to dispense 360-degree sound. Underneath it all, the Mirage Smart Display Speaker will have the Qualcomm APQ8053 Smart Audio Platform to keep it running, where it incorporates flexible Bluetooth 4.2 + BLE in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity. Of course, this is not forgetting complete Alexa integration in order to have it deliver powerful and immersive connected experiences for the home user.

The curved display itself is guaranteed to turn heads and gain the attention of whoever looks at it, where it comprises of a curved 7.8-inch flexible AMOLED display that is capable of delivering an immersive viewing experience regardless of which particular angle you are looking from. With this special combination of video and audio output, you can always check out your schedule at a glance, remain in contact with family members, and even sing along to that brand new Top 100 hit with lyrics appearing on the display.

Cleer Inc. has also ensured that the integrated LED lighting will be able to have the Mirage Smart Display Speaker be at home in virtually any office or home environment. In Music Mode, the LED light will pulse in a synchronized manner to the current tune being played. Listeners will appreciate the rich and immersive, 360-degree audio attributed to the ringed 3.1 channel speaker array with passive radiator. With a $499.99 asking price, the Mirage Smart Display Speaker is certainly worthy of an inclusion in any home.

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