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Mira reveals more smart jewelry for the masses

mira-smartringSince a whole lot of stuff has gotten smarter and smarter these days with the proliferation of the Internet of Things and all that ilk, one does wonder just how far manufacturers are willing to go to make sure that they will implement more electronics into everyday items? Jewelry, for one instance, is supposed to be something that is passed down from generation to generation – a family heirloom, or so it seems, and if one were to cross-breed it with consumer electronics, it is not such a good idea since one half of it would be obsolete in a while. Still, this has not stopped companies like neyya from rolling out smart rings of their own, and this time around, we have Mira having come up with a couple of innovative designs that were inspired by the modern-minimalist trend dominating the fashion world, the Mira Vivid Wellness Bracelet and the Mira Vivid Wellness Pendant over at CES this year.

Still, you cannot help but wonder whether Sauron’s Ring of Power is the original smart ring. But I digress – both of these Mira offerings are tipped to launch later this year, where the new bracelet can be worn with the utmost discretion. Underneath the “hood”, so to speak, would like the opal, which is Mira’s proprietary tracker that can measure steps, calories, distance and elevation. Talk about merging style, function and covert design into a single piece of jewelry, and is the ideal option for the lady who would want to keep her tracking habit private while looking good at it. One can choose from Rosé All Day and Heart of Gold finishes.

Apart from that, there will also be a smart pendant which is not only simple but sleek, and the addition of a necklace will give style mavens the option to change up their look and track to their heart’s content. The entire slew of Mira accessories can pair with the enhanced mobile app, and this provides the ladies with an easy and personal way to monitor activities, to look for healthy inspiration and unlock their wellness data.

Hmmm, when will guys end up with smart bling of their own?

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