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Mira Fitness Bracelet delivers fashion and functionality in a single device

miraIt looks like wearable technology like the Apple Watch is all the rage these days, although you can be sure that there will be other forms of wearable technology which will arise in due time to make what we see today pale in comparison where functionality is concerned. Well, we will take what we can find on the market for now, and to discover the right kind of wearable fitness tool which is ideal for you can be rather tough, as there are plenty of options on the market right now. This is the reason why Mira has partnered alongsie Lumoid in order to come up with the first fashionable fitness device that has been specially designed for and inspired by women available to consumers – although this will be for a two week trial period only.

Rob DeMento, chief executive office for Mira Fitness, shared, “Leveraging the trend in trying before buying is just one way that we’re building a connection with future Mira advocates. In addition to the eye-catching, fashion-forward bracelet designs, just trying Mira for two weeks can start to change behavior through the personalized insights and inspiration which ultimately lead to measurable and meaningful results.

Those who are interested in picking up the Mira Fitness Bracelet will be able to choose from either Brushed Gold or Midnight Purple shades. Right now, Mira is available in Lumoid’s “Home Try-On” program, where users have the privilege of being able to try up to five items for a period of two weeks for $25, now how about that for having options up front? Not only that, the trial cost will eventually be part of the cost of the device should you pick it up via the Lumoid site after the trial period.

This stylish bracelet is also an activity tracker, and an mobile app rolled into a complete experience where it delivers tracking and motivation via the user’s fitness journey. If you decide not to wear it as a bracelet, the Mira can be discreetly clipped to clothing or placed in a pocket. There is a custom mobile application for Mira on the iPhone 4S and above, iPad (3rd Generation) and above, iPad Mini, iPod Touch (5th Generation) and above, and iOS 7 and above, and with three sizes to choose from – petite, small and medium, this $169 device should find a perfect fit for most.

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