Mio Moov 310

Mio Moov 310

We have reported on the Mio Moov line after its initial release, and I was grateful for a chance to try one out firsthand.

I was surprised to find that the Mio Moov 310 was incredibly light when compared to other GPS devices. The 310 has a 4.3 inch screen, and almost all of the frame of this device is devoted to the large touchscreen.

The Mio Moov 310 has about 3.5 million pre-loaded POI (Points of Interest) which include restaurants, gas stations, emergency assistance, hotels, and even more. The 310 also includes one year of free real-time traffic alerts which help the driver avoid accidents, roadblocks, and traffic jams.

I found that the Mio Moov 310 worked right out of the box (after charging), but I couldn’t figure out how to program where I was. The screen kept showing that I was in California or something. However, once I entered in a destination address, the text-to-speech navigation told me what to do right away. In fact, sometimes it told me what to do a little too well. You’d have to own a GPS in order to get that one.

You should be able to purchase the Mio Moov 310 for about $249.95 now.