Minus Frozen Garbage Container

If you have one of those garbage cans that are stored under the kitchen counter, then you have probably noticed the smell. No doubt the rats and mice have noticed that area too.

Turkish Designer Cem Tutuncuoglu has come up with a way to keep garbage from getting smelly with the Minus Frozen Garbage Container. As you may have guessed, it keeps your garbage odorless by keeping it below zero.

So how does this work? There are cooler grills located on the sides of this guy, and an electrical engine at the base. On the top of its lid is an antibacterial blue light that prevents bacteria formation.

The garbage can goes right in this Minus Frozen Garbage Container, and I wonder how difficult it will be to take it out. After all, if it does freeze, then the garbage might be a little heavy. After all, a huge percentage of garbage is water, like a human being.

I wonder if the garbage will be frozen into one big piece that is the shape of the can. If that’s how it is going to be, maybe I should keep WALL-E under my sink. Maybe it could freeze my garbage and compact in a nice cube instead of something cylindrical-shaped.

As I mentioned before, this is a concept device for now. Perhaps we are looking at a future with frozen garbage in the house? I suppose it will inevitably lead to trash thawing in the landfill.


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