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Mint delivers the SX-70 Impossible Flash Bar 2

impossible-flash-barHow many of you out there love to dabble in all things retro? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be extremely interested to check out the $79.99 SX-70 Impossible Flash Bar 2 that hails from Mint. The SX-70 Impossible Flash Bar 2 happens to be a very compact and light flash unit for any SX-70 camera out there, where it sports an easy LED display on state of flash settings and energy. Apart from that, it will also come with a couple of color filters in hot pink and chartreuse.

One ought to remember that once upon a time, not all cameras came with a flash function, which is something that just about every single one of us take for granted these days. Well, when the flash function became available to the masses, it more often than not arrived as an add-on, which was the case for some of the classic Polaroid cameras. The Impossible Flash Bar 2 happens to be is a re-usable electronic flash bar that will target all Polaroid folding (including Sonar models) and box-type SX-70 cameras, where it comes with a special ND-compensation mode in order for you to use it with the 600-type film alongside your SX-70 shooter.