Minox’s Agent M Digital Belt Camera

If you’re aspiring to be a super secret spy at some point in your life then you’ll need the equipment to go with the job.  No one can be a true spy without the proper tools.  Well Minox is selling a seemingly innocent belt that happens to have a hidden camera built into it.  The belt can record videos, which will likely be every perv’s dream.  I’m sure with this in hand many teen boys would love a chance to accidentally walk into the girl’s locker room and then have the recording to enjoy for years to come.

Actually, likely their father’s would probably wish for the same thing at the local gym.  In all fairness though, this could be used for non-pervish tasks.  It not only records video, but it will record audio as well.  Giving you handy blackmail material when needed.  It records onto an SD card and includes a USB adapter.  It will cost you a pretty penny though, it is priced at about $300.

Source: SlipperyBrick