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Minimalist Watch does its job well

minimalist-watchDo you happen to be in the market for a watch at this point in time, but have not quite figured out just which particular timepiece would do its best to adorn your hand? Well, if you have been on the lookout for something that is understated and yet elegant at the same time, perhaps picking up this $274.95 Minimalist Watch might be a good idea.

Specially designed in Finland (and not by the Swiss, for once), this particularly minimalist timepiece has even picked up the prestigious Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for its sleek, modern construction. All that is required to tell the time would be a pair of rotating disks, and this has also helped the Minimalist Watch earn the International Forum iF Product Design award. Forget about all of the complicated clutter found in some of the modern timepieces, as though you were being hard pressed for time. The Minimalist Watch would go back to basics, relying on clean lines and geometric shapes instead. There will be simple hash marks that adorn the dial at five-minute intervals, whereas the striking orange disk points to the current hour with the smaller, superimposed black circle depicting the minute. This splash-resistant timepiece will feature a high-quality mineral crystal, a precise quartz movement, and a black polyurethane strap.