MiniGod Speakers

MiniGod Speakers

Somewhere, on a hidden island where stereos are worshipped, the natives are dancing a fiery, ritualistic dance to the MiniGod.

Okay, that’s not really happening, but it certainly looks like it should be. I mean, look at this MiniGod thing! It looks like it should be a prop at a high-tech luau. Its style is reminiscent of the Jetsons (especially with the ring around its neck) mixed with that CG movie Robots. That is, if Robots had been a darker, scarier movie. (Actually, it could be if you stopped and thought about it. I mean, it was a world inhabited by robots, for crying out loud. What happened to the humans?)

Believe it or not, these MiniGod Speakers require only a 9 volt battery for operation, then hook up with a computer or stereo system. You can also hook up to an iPod, and then you’ll have yourself a little amplification.

These MiniGod speakers are about 15 inches tall, and are actually available in a few different models and color combinations.

If you want them, you had better come and get them, because they are only available for a limited time. You should be able to find them with a quick search on eBay, for a going rate of about $120.