minibru Coffee Mug

You might think that a coffee mug is just that – a coffee mug. However, what if we were to tell you that the $24.99 minibru Coffee Mug is no ordinary coffee mug? Sit down and hear us out for a while as to the uniqueness of this particular drinking contraption. Basically, it is capable of making a single cup of French press – executing it to perfection, if you will, and yet remains dishwasher safe for easy cleaning up once you have kick started your day with the perfect cuppa.
The minibru Coffee Mug more or less eliminates two niggling issues for those who can be pretty particular in their lives – it means you need not rely on a French press pot any more, and there is no worry to drink all of it before it gets cold, and neither do you need to look silly while drinking from one of those French press travel mugs. With the minibru Coffee Mug, you can have a single, perfectly brewed cup of French press coffee while oozing with class. All you need to do is fill your cup with coarsely ground coffee to the lower fill line, pour in some hot water to the upper fill line, and be patient for up to three minutes before you insert the filter cylinder and press it down slowly until the entire brew is completely filtered.