Mini Wearable Air Purifier for your pet

There are those that really don’t feel the slightest need to pamper their pets.  They just let them do their own thing and feed them when necessary.  However, for the more committed bunch, you might want a gadget here or there to improve the life of your pet.  If you’re concerned about the air your pet breathes, now you can have a tiny gadget to solve even that problem.

This small air purifier can be worn directly on the pet.  To be specific it clings to their collar, making sure the air around them is clean.  It’ll keep your cat or dog from dealing with airborne allergens, smoke, viruses, dust, germs toxic chemical fumes, mold, pet dander and even diminishes pet odor.  It even comes with different scents that are meant to relax, calm and energize your pet.  It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries.  You can purchase one for $17.20 through UXSight.

Source: TechChee

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