Mini Washing Machine

This cool gadget is one of kind. This would be a perfect gift for college students and mother would sure appreciate it. With this mini washing machine, you will be able to wash a load of clothes without having to take them home to mom. Won’t she be surprised the next time you come to visit and you are wearing nice clean clothes and have none for her to wash? Well, maybe you should bring a load anyway to let her know you still need her.

This mini washing machine is also wonderful for any bachelor or bachlorette that would rather just throw in a small load as soon as they have one ready than leaving them on the floor to take and wash later.

You can also use it for any size household and wash a load when needed. It is also great for restaurants and bars, so they can wash towels or other linens instead of sending them out to be cleaned.

What about camping? Perfect for camping or staying over at a friends. It can wash up to 600g of clothing and uses around 7 to 10 liters of water and it only takes about 3 to 15 minutes to wash the load. You can choose from gentle or standard cycle. This is probably the best way to wash all the special clothing that needs to be washed on gentle cycle.

All you have to do to use the mini washing machine is to fill the bucket with water, choose what temperature you desire, add the detergent, place on the lid and lock the bucket. Now, place the bucket into the base and plug in. That’s it! You will have clean clothes in about 15 minutes. You may have to dry them in the bathroom. But, at least they are clean. The only space you need for your mini washing machine is the size of the bucket.

You can buythis cool gadget online at Amazon.

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